Char Dham Yatra

Char Dham

The world-famous Chardham Yatra that commences from Yamunotri, then continuing to Gangotri and at last to Kedarnath and Badrinath is set to start from eighteenth April, 2018. For Yamunotri and Gangotri the divine doors area unit gap from eighteenth April 2018 and for Kedarnath and Badrinath on twenty ninth April and thirtiethApril 2018 severally..The holy centers of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath – jointly known as the Chardham is taken into account together of the foremost sacred journey for the Hindu devotees that they require to go to a minimum ofonce throughout time period. The Chardham Yatra that could be a magnet for nature lovers, peace seekers ANd journey enthusiast provides an expertise that is ineradicable, eternal and life remodeling. The Yatra route offers scenic great thing about picturesque natural covering chain, the plush inexperienced dense forests followed by the happiness, tranquility and peace of mind that provides strength to the pilgrims, moving towards their destination. This journey attracts the utmost numbers of pilgrims annually and conjointly offers the guests an opportunity to unwind themselves and explore the tour by trekking, hiking and by bivouacking within the laps of Mother Nature.With clear blue skies, bright sunshine, commence the journey of Chardham Yatra to flee from the monotonous life towards a happy journey wherever you’ll be able to rejuvenate your soul and refresh your mind and body whereaslook the mesmeric read of natural covering mountains. In a shell, excitement, elation and thrill expect you at the Chardham Yatra.


Char Dham Temple

Opening Date

Closing Date

Gangotri Temple 7 May 2019 29 October 2019
Yamunotri Temple 7 May 2019 27 October 2019
Keadarnath Temple 9 May 2019 29 October 2019
Badrinath Temple 9 May 2019 29 October 2019